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Desc:She seems completely disinterested. There are 24 other vids just like this.
Category:General Station, Stunts
Tags:wrestling, , SFW Fetish Week, swinging, female bodybuilder
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 17
perfect, thank you

I came
tag needs correcting (STW->SFW)

Very odd, and his polite demeanor pushes it to 5
Rodents of Unusual Size
literally all of the videos have him doing this for almost the exact same amount of time, either being lifted or hoisted or swung around, and I love it because the reactions from both of them are that this is some normal sort of job.

I thought they were going to prove you wrong and break character in "Blond Booster lifts old man and crushes his nuts", but no. Literally all of the videos have that same nonchalant reaction.

"safe to wank"

A perfect example of a "rumpus room".
The evolution of human social interaction in the 21st century truly boggles the mind.
Jet Bin Fever
How was anything about that "perfect", man?
John Cena's really let himself go.
Based on his apartment here, I can only imagine how much money he spends on this particular pastime.
There are worse things to spend your money on, I guess.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
-1 because I was expecting him to swung around in a circle by his feet
Guy gets "swung" around by a female wrestler

This needs to be etched into a gold stele with the caption "man's alchemical relation to woman." You know, fat, stupid, and parasitic.
Youre actually calling _men_ the parasites in this dynamic?

Blond Booster has an almost metronomic rhythm.
these women are all prostitutes.
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