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Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:reality, new york, David Icke, TrampleOnSnakes3, Ariel Winter
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Comment count is 11
I'm convinced
The Mothership
We often throw around terms like 'grade-A crazy', but this is dynamite stuff.
Jet Bin Fever
I failed Occultscience 101 because I just couldn't follow the professor.
OMG, the parakeet in the background squeaking.
A lot of these YouTube crazies seem to have pet birds. Maybe the squawking distracts them from the voices in their heads?

That's Pugsley Addams' sister, by the way.
It's so obvious guys.
Aw, man, the title lead me to believe that this would be some grade A Thelema based bullshit, but it isn't. This is some pretty weak Qabala based crazy.

Par for the Internet though, so fivah!
I've often wondered why poe never had Hard Core Occultist Train Wreck week. You know Spike Bravo is the norm, right?

I guess it's because they don't seem so nuts anymore compared to the adherents of mainstream religions, people who believe in gangstalking, conspiracies, Mayan calendars, etc.

That's an excellent point.

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