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Desc:Fools and their money...
Category:Crime, Stunts
Tags:scam, really?, Black Isle, Project V13, Titus Software
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Comment count is 5
Herve Caen was a scammer from the start and continues to be.

Important to note is that the only, ONLY thing you get is a MAYBE. Maybe we'll build a forum for you to get access to. After that, MAYBE we'll do this again to MAYBE make a game with the Z team.

Also important to point out is this is direct deposit, not kickstarter, so if you buy in, you are in, no refunds for not reaching their goal, no goal at all.

Scam tag?
Sure, it's a scam. But it's a scam I'd be proud to be scammed by.

How much should I send?

This isn't a parody?

comments and ratings disabled
heres some stars for bob smith
Black Isle Studios here, saying "we want to get in on some o' dat kickstarter money," before it gets shut down by copious class action lawsuits you fucking retards. Thanks!
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