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Desc:The answer, if fired from a slingshot: Yeah, probably
Category:Educational, General Station
Tags:marbles, slingshot, the slingshot channel, Jeorg Sprave, ballistic gel
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Comment count is 5
I feel like I've learned something.
"You can hit somebody with it, like THIS!"
Made me jump.
This guy is a little too obsessed. On the other hand, who's got the guts to confiscate his sling shots?
Albuquerque Halsey
Is this really an actuate test? Human skin is surprisingly strong, and it would catch a projectile it it hit in the abdomen.
You have a very valid point.

Ballisitc gel can give an approximate measurement of penetration of comparibly high-velocity bullets where the human skin is negligible.

When it comes to much lower velocity projectiles like slingshots and spring loaded BB guns, the skin's resilience and elasticity plays a much larger role in getting an accurate reading.

But really all you have to do is shoot someone in the head with one of those marbles with a slingshot, and there's an excellent chance a skull fragment will chip off and end up in the target's brain.

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