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Desc:But then, Alex Jones didn't rape and murder a girl in 1990
Category:News & Politics, General Station
Tags:alex jones, super saiyan, glenn beck, cognitive dissonance
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Comment count is 4
And yet Glenn still tries to find a way to twist this around into a conspiracy theory of his own. Apparently Alex isn't a conservative, because he's crazy, and there certainly aren't any crazy conservatives! So says Glenn Beck, the man who once went on national television and asked Barack Obama not to have him killed.
He actually managed to say something true from 11:10-11:19, good work Glenn!
Caminante Nocturno
The other jesters are worried that you're starting to make them look silly.
As a reminder, this is the guy who thought the Arab Spring was a plot to establish an Islamo-fascist-communist dictatorship across the globe.
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