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Desc:Just trust me on this, you'll want the volume down if you're at work.
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:, landlord, ACTING!, moans of the dying, landlady
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Comment count is 7
Wow. I've never seen a rape scam before. You hear stories and the instant reaction is the side with the woman, as I would if I heard that through a wall. With the two guys there, watching him not rape her and then saying he is a sick man. Was it just me, or did I see her smiling and laughing while screaming rape?

Considering his other posts are about Rothschilds, I can't imagine this helped dudes paranoia any. I'm gonna go ahead and work on the assumption that he was a shitty tenant, she was a shitty landlord and they both were destined to do shitty things.
Adham Nu'man
That smile? I think she was morphing into a reptilian.

Adham Nu'man
She runs this place, apparently: http://www.yelp.com/filtered_reviews/Yl1QLqmmrKFwKmaESzDUyw?fsid=N -u8hBpaBTV2Q29J6anuXA
Curious why the only featured review is 5 star, but there are 11 filtered 1 stars. I know I wouldn't want to stay here, but yelp says it's freakin GREAT!!!11

Jet Bin Fever
Haha, that's puzzling. I like the 33 comments that were removed too.

Yelp allows you to hide bad reviews if you cough up enough money. Although I think what happened here is that many of the reviews were trolls.

Adham Nu'man
Yeah all (or most) of the reviews seem to start after a specific date, so I don't know what came first, the nutjob or the reviews. This video was posted on youtube in September of 2012, but it's a reupload, so...

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