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Desc:Stephen Chow's new movie
Category:Classic Movies, Advertisements
Tags:stephen chow, wtf china, 樂園 星
Submitted:Father Avalanche
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Comment count is 12
This is based on the same story that the Dragonball/Z/GT franchise is based on. That should explain your "wtf".

Hey, Stephen Chow was a producer for Dragonball Evolution. Fancy that.
This is the first existing thing which truly makes me glad I never committed suicide.
Adham Nu'man
What if it ends up sucking?

I don't understand your question. Something about proton decay?

Thank God. Looks like he's dropped the children's movie and has gone back to the childish movies.
Adham Nu'man
CJ7 was great. Sure, I didn't enjoy it as much as Kung Fu Hustle but if I had been a little kid I would have loved the shit out of CJ7. Music by Boney M. and everything!

Jet Bin Fever
Wow Piggsy and Monkey both look terrrrrrrifying! I'm all for more crazy adaptations, but nothing will beat the actual book. If any of you poesters haven't read it, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ IT.
My favorite book.

Jet Bin Fever
*high five*

Adham Nu'man
This guy is the only director who might be able to pull this thing off without it sucking. (which might mean we get to keep memedumpster around)
Killer Joe
Didn't he already do a version of the story way back when?
A BBC promo for Gorillaz' 'Journey to the West'/2008 Olympics is cooler than steven chow's version. And that tour suuuucked

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