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Desc:nature charms us with her denizens once again
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:Octopus, batman, blanket, wtf nature, pets of the Elder Gods
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Miss Henson's 6th grade class
It's an octopus with a bridal train! Also, I had no idea that octopodes dug IDM. You learn something new every day, I guess.
It's a female, too; the males are no bigger than a grape.

Cthulhu is looking FAAAAAAbulous!
Haha! I second that emotion.

he straight up face changes
James Woods
Straight up - I kid you no - Academy award calibre, classic Blankets Octopus. 0_0

Father Avalanche
And yet, the ocean continues instill me with wonder and terror.
Father Avalanche
to instill me. goshdarnit.

Instillation failed. Retry? (Y/N)

Father Avalanche
i giggles

666 Error: Deity not found. We could not find the above deity on our servers.

One time i was getting a cab ride in bermuda and our driver clearly had a touch of island fever... I'm pretty sure he saw one of these washed up on the shore, he showed me a picture and talked about it changing color. But he said it spat poison onto his face and started talking to him while he was paralyzed. I tipped very heavily that day.
Stars of yours.


Watch on mute.
Pets of the Elder Gods is a linked tag.
Ok, Ok....

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