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Desc:You can almost smell the urine.
Category:General Station
Tags:furry, america, adult baby, infantilism, pamperchu
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2 minutes of a hedgehog floating in a sink, set to jam band music.
Comment count is 17
note to self, don't donate to goodwill.
Father Avalanche
I can't watch this. Just reading the word pamperchu makes me throw up in my mouth.
Fur is Murder
fun fact: Pamperchu steals used diapers and microwaves them

Macho Nacho
Thanks for reminding me of that atrocious fact.

Adham Nu'man
we have the term raw sewage to distinguish it fom after it gets cooked in Pamperchu's microwave oven.

Scarier than any of the segments in V/H/S.

"There's my bunny suit."
Hahahahaha he shoulda been in that

this is where the magic happens
Oscar Wildcat
Pamperchu is Portland's own Mary Tyler Moore.
Void 71
Okay, who has been dipping into evidence at the Portland Police Bureau?
Spaceman Africa
That place must be pretty warm in the winter
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American Standard
What has to happen to you for you to want to live this way voluntarily.
I think his parents left him in shitty diapers all day as a neglected toddler without potty training. I don't have any basis for this theory, it just seems plausible.

I hate knowing that Pamperchu has really well-informed opinions on electronics.
Spaceman Africa
It seems Pamperchu can still celebrate his birthday's like a kid

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