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Desc:He's been a furry a long time.
Category:General Station
Tags:furry, america, adult baby, latex, pamperchu
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Comment count is 9
"I wore that once, it's inflatable."

I'm thankful I've never uttered or even thought that sentence.
What's worse than an inflatable fursuit?

An inflatable knot.

Must own a lot of Febreeze
If only he could stay 8 years old forever.
Yeah, I don't see a lot of "my original fursona, do not steal" stuff. He seems almost like a corporate mascot fetishist. Don't get me wrong, he makes up for it in quantity, but no individual costume has the horror of some of the efforts we've seen here.

Nice haircut
Boomer The Dog
Albany Anthrocon 98, that was my first convention too, I probably ran across Mousepaw there. I was hoping he would put that brown puppy head on.

I thought I recognized the voice of the recordist, Pamperchu. He's the one who would stay 8 years old forever. I think that one of the coolest ways to take Furry, and I've found that some of the nicer Furs have that young outlook. Stay puppy!

You're a nasty, smelly person Boomer.

The Gay-tor! He does a good Stitch!
Also, I am also allergic to latex, but maybe that's a good thing!
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