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Desc:When was the last time a sloth gave you a hibiscus petal?
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:sloth, baby sloth, costa rica, best animals, Hibiscus
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Comment count is 13
I'm going all Kristen Bell. (By which I don't mean beaten and killed by Cy Tolliver.)
haha holy shit i just watched that episode today and mentioned something about sloths to my aunt. We win!!!

Sexy Duck Cop
Maybe the sloth knew the flower was poisonous.

Maybe he was offering her poison.
Or he was trying to get her finger within biting range...

Sexy Duck Cop is a really great username.

How the fuck are so many animal babies way cuter than human babies. We are so broken.
That's adorable.
Try dis!
Syd Midnight
Sloths don't realize they were born they way. They think everything they eat gets you high.

"Now make me a very small herbal tea! My teeny tiny show is almost on!"
Jet Bin Fever
Cutest thing in the universe. Move over slow loris!
That deadly sin should have been renamed "Cute" a long time ago.
Syd Midnight
Matty is my cats name! But she leaves a different kind of present. Yesterday I stepped in one.
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