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sjohnson301 - 2013-03-09

"ransacked by a mob and rationed by the gov't"

StanleyPain - 2013-03-10

And like all good scare-monger scams, this is one of those where the author flooded the internet with fake reviews and blogs all about how "WOW, THIS BOOK ABOUT SURVIVAL PREPPING IS TOTALLY *NOT* A SCAM!!"

Old_Zircon - 2013-03-09

Not even Juggalos could fall for this crap.

Syd Midnight - 2013-03-10

But I WANTED to go to a Obama FEMA camp! I was gonna be a guard and round up "patriot" types.

Blue - 2013-03-10

This is exactly like one of those weird old trick websites. It's the exact same format.

Also, this is fucking stupid.

American Standard - 2013-03-10

"Urban warfare gangsters."

Really, white people? Really?

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-03-10

That phrase is desperately begging for the word 'cyber' to be added to it.

jangbones - 2013-03-10

I am curious to know how many millions are wasted by poor dumb people preparing for revolutions and government takeovers that will never come


Vaidency - 2013-03-10

My plan is to just hope the drug-addicted food stamp mob and the genocidal FEMA workers show up at the same time and get into a fight outside my door.

memedumpster - 2013-03-10

The best way to survive is to build a civilization based on compassion and education, where every member has a stake in ensuring the well being of everyone else, and they all act towards that goal against the unrelenting horrors of nature.

But if this guy ever bangs on my door during an apocalypse I'm shooting him through it, the whole clip.

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