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Desc:Wild animal runs onto football pitch, player attempts to capture it
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Soccer, yakkety sax, marten, zurich, i call the big one bitey
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Comment count is 10
It would have been great if it swiped a player and the player fell to the ground in apparent agony.
Sanest Man Alive
Sure, when a weasel runs across the playing field naked it's cute, but when a HUMAN does it...

...well, it's still cute.
And still gets yakkety sax

He waited for the ball to go out of play.

I bet that player's hand was sMarten after that!
William Burns
It's unBEARable!

James Woods
I just hope that after they killed it in the locker room, it got its 72 virgins.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to ever take place on a soccer field. 'Cause soccer sucks.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
If soccer had a *ferret-coralling intermission, I would definitely watch it.

*Yes, I'm aware it's a martin.
I picture the weasel making Curly noises from the three stooges the whole time. Nyuk nyuk nyuk! Wooo wooo wooo!
Jet Bin Fever
Wild animals on the field would make sports a lot more entertaining.
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