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Desc:Street Vendor in Thailand
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:ice cream, Thailand, vendor, Drywall
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Comment count is 13
American Standard
That actually looks really good.
Binro the Heretic
I find it interesting how it goes through a phase where it looks really unappetizing, almost like vomit, then becomes yummy.

Caminante Nocturno
Born to kill time while eating ice cream.
It represents the duality of man!

I am...in a world... of (ice cream!) shit

The Mothership
Goddamn, the t-shirt makes the video even better.

Pro drywaller by day
Take that Coldstone!
OK...how do I make a home version of the sub-zero mixing plate?
Looks like a thin aluminum plate on top of a freezer, so the first thing I'd put on a drawing board: maybe get a cheap chest freezer, cut a big hole in the top and replace it with an aluminum plate?

Binro the Heretic
You would need a freezer coil pressed up against the metal plate. Maybe if you bought a mini-fridge with a little freezer in the top, you could take the freezer out and mount it under the plate. But if you're going to go through that much trouble, you might as well just get a compressor, some refrigerant and some copper tubes to make your own coils and condenser.

Maybe you could try getting some of those gel packs, sandwich them between metal plates and freeze the whole thing in the freezer?

Alternately, you could get some cakes of dry ice and lay a piece of metal on top of them?

Syd Midnight
To do it at home, just mix a few bags of ice with some driveway salt and lower a stew pot or something into it. At that point you're 2/3 the way to just making ice cream from scratch. But making it on a metal plate would be a lot easier than stirring it in the bucket, plus it looks fun so you could get kids to want to do it.

Homemade ice cream is worth the effort, but hand-stirred homemade ice cream is not.

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