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Desc:Keeping with the theme of wet willies.
Category:General Station
Tags:douchebag, white people, Instant karma
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Comment count is 16
I want to cry "fake!" because the douchebag looks like a goddamn hyper-parody of a douchebag.

But I love instant karma and well-deserved comeuppance more, so stars.
Freeze frame on the look on the douchebag's face.

It's Australia. Everyone looks like that.

Father Avalanche
This is how everyone looks everywhere all the time to me.

Excellent. Give a guy a wet willie, this is exactly what you should expect.
The Mothership
Sgt. Slaughter must be hurting for work.

James Woods
I would go to an ATM and grab him a 20 after seeing that. Fucking satisfying.

He's lucky he just got punched. The real Teddy would be mounting douchebag's head above his fireplace by now.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
And that's how you deal with a PUA, ladies.
Not likely, those bumblefucks probably all operate on that "If she can punch like a man she can be punched like a man." sort of mentality, you know, because they're douchebags.

James Woods
It's ok to murder people like that, right Craptabulous?

I approve of this message.
stan jones has had ENOUGH
Jet Bin Fever
And boom, right back into character.
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