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Desc:Crawling skin
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:muscles, leg, marathon, Cramp
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Comment count is 14
Spaceman Africa
these wounds they will not heal
The Mothership
So is this severe dehydration, or poor conditioning?
legs full of spiders

Jet Bin Fever
Its most likely a lack of Calcium, which causes the muscle to have involuntary spasms.

They comment that you don't see this every day, and that the feet are twitching too.
Sanest Man Alive
The word "muscle" comes from the Latin for "mouse", as the twitching and bulging of tissue under the skin resembled mice scuttling in a sack.
You're full of it.

Jet Bin Fever
Did you see that on the Busey Zone too?

I know these so well. I had both legs do this after my last marathon. I recall screaming like a banshee.
When I had this happen to me, I thought it was the worst pain imaginable. A couple years later, I had it happen to my hamstrings. Turns out I was wrong... but I don't want to declare the hamstring cramps the worst imaginable for fear that life will see fit to prove me wrong again.
My flu dehydration caused awful, horrible, agonizing leg cramps, so I can't bring myself to watch this video.

This happens to my calves all the time. I have to stand straight up and down or jump up and down to stop it from getting to this point.
Chocolate Jesus
My leg does this because of a lower lumbar nerve root injury.
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