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Desc:This is some gooood propaganda right here. Clean. Slick. And check out the acrobats at 7:50
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:wtf, North Korea, acrobats, Great Leader, arirang
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Comment count is 7
So is there nobody that speaks English well loyal enough to the party that they can be trusted to do this, or can they really just not find anyone that speaks better than the Deal Extreme ceramic knife guy?
he's my favorite North Korean narrator because of how he pronounces "Korear"

this is like the fourth or fifth video that has featured his talents

Jet Bin Fever
My entire family has taken to saying "Korear" because of this guy.

The ultra-right imperialist warmongers stole his ability to pronounce the letter 'r'.

nowhere near as batshit as the SuperBowl™.
The Olympic Opening ceremonies are gonna be great in Pyongyang.

But seriously, aren't most of the performers the upper crust of Korear society?
They're made up of the population that isn't dying of malnutrition.

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