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Desc:where planes of many shapes and sizes fly low and fast (mostly)
Category:Military, Stunts
Tags:Planes, fly, Wales, cad west
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Comment count is 9
Caminante Nocturno
This is often harder on the pilot than it is on the jet.
I bet Rainbow Dash could take it. Easy.

Turn your sound up all the way to almost know how loud it really is.

So fun living under an Air Force base takeoff path!
I like the subsonic bass overtones on the big transport at 2:07

I grew up under the flight path of most major airlines and some Air National Guard traffic. The day they flew a C-5 Galaxy over was like that moment in Independence Day when Will Smith finally looks up.
Same thing happened to me when I was a kid. My aunt lived just outside the largest Air Reserve base in the world, Westover, near Springfield, Massachusetts. They had a bunch of C5s; one of them did a low pass just as I was coming off a playground slide, and it really did look for all the world like an alien mothership. Kid next to me shit himself and I had abduction nightmares for a week.

Every one of those planes cost more to make than most people on earth will earn in their entire lives and exist for the sole purpose of killing efficiently from a distance, but they sure are awesome.
Jet Bin Fever
totally awesome, and soon to be obsolete. :(

and UAVs dont do flybys

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