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Desc:After decades of waiting, the unfulfilled promises of Lawnmower Man are finally within our grasp!
Category:Humor, Video Games
Tags:Gaming, Treadmill, omni, oculus, rift
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Shoebox Joe
God damn I want this. Makes me wonder what weird body effects you'll feel when you run into a game limit.

I may also need a perscription just to make sure the headset doesn't screw my vision up.

Note: Check out their other videos. This is the smallest build yet.
To get the 3D effect, sit back a little and cross your eyes until the two pictures line up. It's similar to viewing a magic eye picture. Pretty neat.
The Mothership
goddamn, you're right.

I was going to build my own omnidirectional treadmill by cutting a hole in my living room and mounting a gigantic rubber ball in the basement, then hooking up mouse roller hardware to it.

Then I realized that I didn't really want to.
You would have to sign an injury waver at the counter to buy this, otherwise "thunderfatty lawsuit" would become a legal term within two years.
My friend tried this when he went up to Valve.

He was speechless. He said this is going to change everything.
That guy
I guess I'm a little surprised that's it's not in the uncanny valley.

Valve already makes the most money per employee of any company in the world. What else do they want?

But is the Oculus Rift hat in the game yet?
Jet Bin Fever
America's obesity crisis solved!
That's what I was thinking: we may have to redefine our image of the sardonic, morbidly obese, neck-bearded gamer with a ponytail as just a sardonic, neck- bearded gamer with a ponytail. Kind of ruins the fun doesn't it?

where's the thing that goes around my penis
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