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Desc:Based on the classic video games! No, really.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:video games, Sega, Wonder Boy, westone, robin morningstar
Submitted:Kid Fenris
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Comment count is 12
90 minutes. According to the imdb page (!) this movie is 90 minutes long.

I was hoping for a Jimmy the Wonder Boy reboot.


RIP Herschell Gordon Lewis.
blue vein steel
was this made with Second Life
From the team who brought us "Foodfight!" maybe?

In the end the credits say "iClone", which is not surprising since iClone has basically unleashed a crypt of horrors unto the Earth since it's inception.

I have all the Sega Master System WONDER BOY games (that were released in North America) and don't see what this film has in common with them other than a dragon.
Sanest Man Alive
The Genesis title, Wonder Boy in Monster World (either Wonderboy V, or Monster World III, depending on who gives a shit) starred a blue-haired little warrior named Shion. Still had fuck-all to do with this madness, though.

And the Salamander Cross from Dragon's Trap.


Also, http://forum.blueguerilla.org/viewtopic.php?t=40007&postdays=0&pos torder=asc&start=0

is that a wooden phallus he is manipulating at 1:50
It's gone due to DMCA, but holy shit, how did i not know about this?!
Tara: I sense you do not like the nickname "Wonder Boy".
Wonder Boy: I wanted something more manly, like Dynastic Hero, but that only caught on in the East.


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