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Desc:Explaining Tulpas with Left4Dead 2 analogies.
Category:Religious, Video Games
Tags:left4dead, brony, tulpa, the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization, PHILOSOPHY!
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Hugo Gorilla
Imagine that you have the ability to bring imagined beings into reality with the power of focused thought and concentration but have a imagination so hobbled that all you can think to bring to life are cartoon and video game characters that other people created.
Would you rather we lived in a world populated by super-special angsty OCs? (ORIGINAL ART DO NOT STEAL!)

Knowing some of the forums I've visited, if Tulpas actually existed, a majority of them would be re-colored Pokemon with names like "ElectricBlueFlash".

It's like a shut-in supercharger.
That guy
They don't seem to be very into it either. They're playing video games.


Grant Morrison was selling this shit back in the 90s and god only knows how many before him.
Damnit don't go ruining Left4Dead 2 on me you fuckers.
Jet Bin Fever
Man, you weren't joking.
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