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Simian Pride - 2013-05-07

Oops, wrong link. Correct working video in resubmit hopper (dailimotion, unfortunately). Current video is the turd miniseries from 2000.

Simian Pride - 2013-05-07

GODDAMNIT! OK, fourth time is the charm.

Simian Pride - 2013-05-07

...jesus christ, i give up.

Correct working full lenght video SHOULD be at
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlsqe6_jason-and-the-argonaut s_shortfilms

sorry everybody.

Triggerbaby - 2013-05-07


Raggamuffin - 2013-05-07

A for effort.

Old_Zircon - 2013-05-07

My stars are for the original, not the CGI crap that someone resubmitted, although well played troll nonetheless.

StanleyPain - 2013-05-07

It's all good Simian....we know what you were going for.

The Mothership - 2013-05-07

This movie is great.

cognitivedissonance - 2013-05-07

Once met Harryhausen at an SDCC, and he was all alone because his booth was poorly situated. I was able to yak his ear off for about a half hour. Nicest man in the world, and he liked my portfolio.

Goodbye you wonderful man.

chumbucket - 2013-05-08

Stars for Ray.

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