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Desc:So there's already a fan-made parody of this, and it's probably better than the actual movie will be
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:dogs, Christopher Walken, my little pony, equestria girls, every night I wake up screaming
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good by 789 chan i wont missed you.wmv
Comment count is 14
Oh my god, the Meet the Bronies video in the relateds.
Also, it's nice to see that even in the Mirror Universe, Twilight still acts like a dick to Spike.

What a bitch!

Although I have to admit, I have a new most hated character. As mean as the ponies are to Spike, they don't have shit on that little white rabbit that Fluttershy keeps as a pet. Is there an episode where that thing up and dies?

And don't forget Rarity who's always taking advantage of Spike because she knows he as a crush on her.

After the Iron Will episode she seems to have discovered a way to scare Angel into knowing his place, and he's a lot less mean to her.

Instead he's a dick to everyone else.

Yeah, Rarity is bitch. I don't know if "Dragon Quest" was meant to end on a "positive" note, but when Rarity started making googoo eyes at Spike, telling him she preferred him as a meek, spineless, emasculated little boy-toy, I just about punched my screen. She knows EXACTLY what she's doing; she leads Spike on and fucks with his head for her own sick self-satisfaction, knowing all the while that he's too naive and too in love to ever wise up. Poor Spike. He's way out of his league. He's a clueless beta in the grips of an A-list man-eater.

And Rocket, I don't know how far you are, but Angel just gets worse as time goes on. He hasn't died so far, but I agree, he's a little shit, and I can't wait for one of the ponies to make him into a coat. He's every bit as abusive to Fluttershy as Rarity is to Spike - arguably worse, since I do believe that Rarity feels some sort of (non-sexual) affection for Spike, and Spike obviously derives some gratification from his relationship fantasies. Angel the Rabbit is just an ungrateful, freeloading jerk, who uses cyclical patterns of physical and emotional abuse to take advantage of Fluttershy's sweet, non-assertive nature.

In other words, he's Nick Bravo.

And don't lump Applejack in with the rest of the ponies. She saves Spike from a pack of timber wolves because Twilight was neglecting him.

Applejack is awesome, and doesn't brag about it. She's the best of the bunch. You know, besides Spike.

Yeah, you're right, that was really nice of Applejack... but you have to wonder if she'd have bothered going after the balloon in the first place, had she known Spike was involved.

I also think the rest of ponies would have helped Spike against the timberwolves. They're assholes, but they don't want to see him die! (just in pain, and sick with hypothermia) Again, see "Dragon Quest": they're more than willing to go out of their way for Spike's sake... just so long as they can restore the status quo and keep him wrapped around their predatory feminine hooves.

Caminante Nocturno
It's clear from reading this that you're all just intimidated by assertive, professionally successful mares.

True Forced Broniness.

Uhhh excuse me Caminante, Rainbow is plenty assertive, thank you. And it's not Rarity's assertiveness that's the problem, it's the way she coldly abuses her power over Spike and socially engineers him, without any apparent remorse or concern for his feelings. Nor are we saying every pony is like that, either, just Rarity and, to a lesser extent, Twilight. (the other ponies are mean to Spike, but their relationships lack the sexual-dominance element that defines canonical Sparity)

But now that you mention it, Spike is a perfect candidate for the TFL movement. Give him another twenty years and I won't be surprised if he's making Youtube rants about stuffing Rarity in a woodchipper.

Caminante Nocturno
I like to imagine that someone made the Twilight Sparkle-Stocking comparison one too many times and the resulting backlash culminated in Equestria Girls being made.
Hearing does not come back, it degrades over time
should have given it one star. blatant christopher walken that isnt funny impression. if i wanted to hear those i'd time travel back to my middle school's A/V room where I was also guilty of making them
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