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Desc:The best game of 2013 has a great trailer.
Category:Advertisements, Video Games
Tags:Aliens, Trailers, Sandbox, starbound, weird eyes
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Comment count is 9
Father Avalanche
Are you guys fighting?

no, go to your room!

(also no, this is just stupid like the DOTA one)

SolRo, I'd rather go to your room and watch Tiny Toon Adventures and the Matrix with you while cuddling. Maybe if things heat up we can watch Avatar together.

you could at least be more original (compared to yourself I mean, being more original than others is a bit beyond you for now) and make fun of my anime interests.

why are you so obsessed with me that you think any time I give a poor rating to a crap video you submit that it must only be because you submitted it and not because it's a crap video? I one star MANY crap videos on a regular basis. It's not all about you baleen.

Jet Bin Fever
You must have something against Aliens with weird eyes, SolRo. That's xenophobic!

He got baleen to five-star his own video, which is the closest thing we have to a faux pas around here, isn't it?

I five star my own videos all the time. I five star pretty much every video I've ever submitted. I encourage all of you to five star your own videos too!

Spaceman Africa
A faux pas would be accidentally voting your own video out of the hopper.

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