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Desc:Submitted for mostly the guy in the hood's opinion.
Category:Humor, Sports
Tags:Bike, Daily Show, new york, The hood
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Comment count is 11
We have these in Austin, fucking 45lb bikes. Not to mention 108* and steep hills everywhere. The purchase and operation of the bike system works out to like 50k per bike.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
She really did say bike lobby.
I recently looked into my city's shared bike rental program. It was a tad pricey at /month, and I was about to go for it when I found out that they charged you extra if you kept it out over half an hour where they started charging you exponentially more. Something like for 2 hours, for 4, then 0 for 6, and if you kept it over 24 they charged a whopping ONE THOUSAND dollars to your credit card.

Insanity. It's cheaper to rent a car. Fuck that, it's cheaper to rent a limo than it is to rent a goddamn bicycle. I'm convinced these kind of programs only exist for two reasons: to bilk clueless tourists and to bilk the city through subsidy programs.
I'm always surprised to see people using these in my city. I immediately think tourist because any day of the week you can buy a ten-speed on craigslist if you're a student or a commuter. Here you buy an annual membership and pay by the half-hour.

A lot of times the racks are full, so do people have to ride around finding an empty spot? That sucks.

Yeah you're fucked if a rack is full. It effectively cuts your "free" time down to 20 minutes because you have to build in a safety, and that's IF you know where all the nearby racks are.

This is just such a wishful idea meets terrible implementation. No way are these things going unvandalized and the price scheme is bonkers. I'm convinced there's no way this was started as anything but pork.

I'm picturing the Boston ones being targeted by MIT kids cracking the locks.

Dinkin Flicka
for a 10-speed on Craigslist?!?!!? HOOK ME UP WITH THAT LINK IN NYC.

New Yorkers hate bicycles. They want golf carts!

I guess where I'm at, there's still a good amount of 70s-80s bikes to be had that haven't been converted to single gear or fixed or whatever.

5 for Brooklyn man
Binro the Heretic
They need to interview him whenever privileged white people bitch and moan about things of benefit to others.

I'd like to know his thoughts on upper-class neighborhoods that wont allow the construction of covered bus stops so the people who clean their houses and maintain their lawns have to wait for the bus in the rain.

Nothing turns people into self important assholes quite like having kids and home ownership.

My town has a total overnight street parking ban from November to April. While every other sane town only has such a ban during snow emergencies, we have it for half the year. A couple tries to overturn it were crushed. The town has no reason to change it because they're making money, and homeowners love nothing more than flaunting the fact that they have a driveway. Screw you, renters!

The Brooklyn man is definitely the shit talking boxing coach in this video:

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