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Desc:These guys are fearless! YouTube comments make you sad though.
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Alabama, Fearless, YouTube comments, Mobile, prancing elites
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Comment count is 12
Oh sure, this makes it past the Conservative Morality Squad, but Fluttershy Pantsu is probably going to die in the hopper.
if there's a god

Wonko the Sane
Thanks for letting me know there was a video in need of a downvote


That guy
At least you started a hopper war.


The irony here is that, by starting a hopper war, I've raised awareness about Fluttershy Pantsu more than it would have been raised had the video made it out of the hopper and been quietly ignored... like most pony videos.

The Pantsu Riots may not be as violent as the Stonewall Riots, but if we ever hope to see ponies in panties dancing at *our* children's football games, we've got to start somewhere.


What are you doing in the front of the bus, EvilHomer? I believe your seating arrangement is rearward.

That guy
Worst state to do this in, or best state?
Jet Bin Fever
Best state. Rub your exuberance right in their obese faces.

That guy
And in one case, rub your obese exuberance in their obese faces.

Mobile is where people from Coastal Mississippi go for culture. Imagine that.

@That guy: The dude to the right isn't even close by deep south standards.

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