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Category:Nature & Places, Stunts
Tags:lava, dumb, dangerous
Submitted:pressed peanut sweepings
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Comment count is 9
Interesting, but I half hate the people in the video and am disappointed they didn't hurt themselves. Still, I don't want to be the guy who doesn't rate 5 because they wanted to see someone burned by lava...
Lava is Nature's playdough.
The Mothership
So when the video of someone falling into the lava surfaces it will be horrible.

although roasting hot dogs and smores on lava is pretty cool.
Falling through the floor into a live lava tube is such a terrible, terrible way to go. I wouldn't be comfortable there at all.
oh come on all that happens is your head explodes when your blood turns to steam

Adham Nu'man
White people.

Although, yeah, I'd totally do it given a chance.
Yup. I'd be all over this. And when I'd get home I'd realize how stupid and dangerous that was.

Adham Nu'man
I recently went into a volcano from a lateral cave just below the main crater. I was hoping to reach lava, but all I found was terrifyingly narrow passages of crumbling rock, gases, and high temperatures. Also, beautiful crystals, but no lava :(

You could not get me near this shit and if somehow you did, I would resent that you brought along the people tossing it around with a shovel from Home Depot.
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