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Category:Science & Technology, Video Games
Tags:90s, Doom, read the comments, id software
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doom < marathon
I really miss the days when shooters didn't make you worry about clips. No having to jab the reload button every time there was a 1/2 second lull.
Reloading doesn't bother me much (if the game's good in general), I'm more bothered by the way FPSes have slowly transformed into rail shooters with the illusion of freedom of movement. Hell, I'm almost done playing through Half-Life 2 finally (Unreal Tournament was the last FPS I actually got when it was current), and it's great but even there you're usually just following a linear path that occasionally doubles back on itself or loops around but is still ultimately "run in a straight line, solve some puzzles, shoot some stuff, watch a semi-interactive cutscene. They make it work but things just kept going down that road, and from what I've seen of current generation FPSes, you might as well be playing Area 51 (or Revolution X).

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The game that nearly destroyed my GPA.
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