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Desc:Hosted by someone who's exactly what you'd expect them to look like
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Video Games
Tags:Ugh, friend zone, kill all gamers
Submitted:Spaceman Africa
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Comment count is 11
I don't find Christina Hendrix attractive at all and I dont even really recall Zelda and Link ever having a "friend zone" type relationship. I always thought he was interested in saving her because it was his job or to save the world or something.
Yeah, I've had it up to here with the whole "friendzone" line of bullshit (basically, the idea that girls owe you sex if you're not an asshole), but it seems really misplaced to put that label on games that are meant to be never-ending franchises.

The game companies aren't entirely stupid. They saw what happened to "Moonlighting" when Dave & Maddie finally slept together.

Link needs to NEG on Zelda, he's not going to get anywhere being a good guy.

Yellow Lantern
I made it three minutes in. I know it's a character, but he's so obnoxious, and that nerdy lisp is so overdone and grating. I can't even tell to what degree (if any) this video is supposed to be satirical.
Spaceman Africa
I thought this video was being ironic at first, but then I saw the rest of the channel and can fully believe it's all true.

Ordinarily I can summon some compassion for people who believe in "friend zones" (I suspect most of them simply have a misunderstanding of how relationships develop), but this guy really goes out of his way to lack redeeming qualities.
You all realize this is an obvious parody on a mediocre nerd humor channel, right?
The problem is the humour is so bad it gets mistaken for sincerity.

Poe's law in action.

seriously guys he's doing seth greens nerd voice.

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