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Desc:confused and frightened
Category:Fashion, Video Games
Tags:GAMER GURL, Would THA SUGAH RAIN?, kill all gamers, kittyer Rio
Submitted:Pope Caius
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commodified culture
Being a nerd is defined entirely by conspicuous consumption so it's not like it takes much effort to further commodify it. Even the type of turbonerd who complaints about "fake" nerds is usually protesting because they haven't reached some arbitrary metric of volume or obscurity of the mass media that they consume.

the commodification of culture isn't much about what is consumed or how often it is consumed, but why it is consumed.

a "real" nerd will consume what they want because they find whatever it is to be interesting; they will not be focusing on defining their identity by things they consume like the person in the video is.

for her, it's merely a fashion statement to be a "nerd". that's why we're getting bad feelings from watching this video

Being a nerd in the traditional sense isn't defined by conspicuous consumption at all. It's defined by being a socially awkward, left-brain outsider possibly with one or two eccentric, overdeveloped skills or interests.

There's probably a top ten list of cam girls that this retiring stripper probably saw and then she saw that they were into dude things and anime and that that's how they got so many tips, or so she thought.

"Nerd" is an archaic term for "asperger's."

Thanks for the illustration, turbonerds.

what game is that. it looks bad.
Infinite Undiscovery, which is probably one of the greatest bad video game titles in history. The game itself is not too bad.

Probably would, but I have no idea how old it is or what it looks like without all the clothes and clown make-up.
super embarrassed teenage son in the other room
The Mothership
oooo, ouch.

Jet Bin Fever
Where did Tia Tanaka go?
Well, that was actually pretty gross, a compilation of people popping pus-filled ear zits and digging cysts out of their faces with tweezers would have been more pleasant to watch.
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