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Desc:What's in the box?
Category:Classic Movies, Stunts
Tags:dune, David Lynch, box, Kyle MacLachlan, Bene Gesserit
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Comment count is 16
Lynch Box
Binro the Heretic
I don't care what anyone says, I love the Hell out of this movie.
The 3 hour TV edit that Lynch disowned is even better.

I also love that this movie took so long to actually get made that Phantasm beat them to filming this scene by what, 5 years?

A Jodorowsky version would have been incredible but I've got no complaints.

Spike Jonez
Zircon is correct. I wish I could travel to the alternate universes where impossibly cool sounding movies actually got made.

This movie was and still is pretty darn great. My usual accolades:

- The cast. It had Patrick Fucking Stewart, for crissakes. Paul wasn't a whiny bitch like on the SyFy miniseries, the Harkonnen were actually scary-looking (especially Feyd), and Alya was nice and creepy.

- The production values: Set design by H.R. Giger, costumes that looked like they actually belonged to a decadent galactic empire, the spacing guild pilot, etc.

- The soundtrack: Toto did a great job with this. I'm not sure where they pulled it from, but good on 'em.

My usual rebuttals:

- The Weirding Way being about sound modules: It was a good compromise given you'd need Matrix-like FX back in the 80's. Good luck with that. They also embraced the replacement and made it almost mythological (Paul eventually not needing a module to Fus Ro Dah someone).

- The edited-out stuff: SyFy had six hours to do this story, and they didn't put everything in and even put stuff in that wasn't in the books or made any sense.

There's more, but my beard has gotten tangled in my Star Trek utility belt.
The criticisms of it being kind of a mess narratively speaking are valid - it's kind of like they randomly selected one page from each chapter of the novel and filmed that without any continuity in between. But honestly that just makes me like it even more.

Oh, and stars.

Seriously though, watch the Alan Smithee version of David Lynch's Dune that was only shown on TV in the 80s. He hated it but it's fantastic (although the 10 minute, Ken Burns style explanation of Dune lore at the very beginning, illustrated only with what appear to be conceptual sketches of stuff they didn't actually get around to filming, is pushing it a bit). It's basically an extra hour of sandworms, Sting, Baron Harkonnen getting his blisters popped, and a long Weirding Module training scene. It actually fixes some of the lack of continuity and changes the pacing A LOT - probably closer to how Jodorowsky would have paced it.

I might be biased because that's the first version I saw as a kid, but I really prefer it to the theatrical cut. It should be on bittorrent.

The soundtrack is Toto and Eno!

Jet Bin Fever
^ now that's a concert I would like to go to.

Jet Bin Fever
I had a great but very nerdy friend in college who would often quote this scene. "What's in the box" "PAIN."
Your friend and I would get along like a house on fire.
Innocent Bystander
Why do all those little lines from Dune sound so awesome?

"By will alone we set our mind in motion." / "My name is a killing word." / "Fear is the mind killer." etc.
Well they're from Dune for starters.

Caminante Nocturno
The Westwood RTS games based off of Dune were so great.
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