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Desc:'use weapons to tell the Japanese that they must return our stolen territory.'
Category:Military, Video Games
Tags:Japan, China, Diaoyu, Senkaku, Peoples Liberation Army
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Comment count is 6
Am I the only one who kept expecting to see some NMA CGI people running around?

The comments are great.

tom lau 1 day ago
Japs are dog feces!

tom lau 1 day ago
Kill Japs

Quoc Hung Bui 3 days ago
Chinese an ignorant nation.....
So happy if Japan make Wade–Giles version 2.....China Stupid

Davidkevin 4 days ago
See my other comment. As the Joker says in THE DARK KNIGHT, "It's all part of the plan."

"Japanese pirates kill family dog..."


Jet Bin Fever
Because nothing is more fun to play than a mutual self-destruction simulator.

You can call this game many things, but innovative is not one of those things.
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