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Desc:Down we go
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Video Games
Tags:Metroid, Super Metroid
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Comment count is 14
The God of Biscuits
Super Metroid is the best Metroid
Super Metroid is the second best Metroid. Metroid is the best Metroid.

Oh shit I forgot about the exploding clothes thing. Nevermind. Super Metroid is the best Metroid.

The OG Metroid is unplayable. Super, Prime and Zero Mission are all great.

The Mothership
Points taken, but counterpoint: Metroid II for GameBoy.

Kid Fenris
Fusion is excellent and distressingly underrated, even if it paved the way for Other M.

pressed peanut sweepings
Metroid II will always be my favorite. It was all about the metroids.

Right on- As a kid, I adored the unsettling immersiveness of Metroid II.

Anyone who thinks OG Metroid is anything less than awesome must not have been there.

"Super Metroid" to me is the second best Metroid, and original "Metroid" is the best.

I hated all the handheld Metroids I played. "Fusion" was distressingly linear, "Zero Mission" was a huge disappointment (I was expecting "Metroid" to be retooled into a GBA "Super") and "Metroid II" was the same caverns and textures over and over with a descending lava lake that existed to limit exploration until a section was cleared.

On the other hand, I played an extensive amount of "Super Metroid" before I ever touched any of the previous games.

Mother Lumper
poorwill has it on the money.

But this cartoon is just okay I guess, considering nothing really happens and there's a lot of lazy frame transitions going on.
The animation kinda reminds me of "Heavy Metal"

Caminante Nocturno
4 stars for the animation, 5 for Skull & Shark.
I think we could all use a helmet that identifies the DNA in strange liquids we find.
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