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Desc:Boomer's friend can ride a bike, skateboard, scooter, and surfboard.
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Skateboarding, Bike, scooter, Dogegory, Norman Scooterdog
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Comment count is 5
Boomer The Dog
I think that one day in the future, Dogs are going to be walking on two feet.

This guy's only a century or so behind bears in the cycling department.

I joke, of course.

Koda Maja
God boy.
Boomer The Dog
I was really taken with Norman when I first saw him and his really furry face, Briards are pretty awesome and from France, the same country as my breed, the Pyrenean Shepherd.

An early Briard I saw was in the Dennis The Menace movie, he was Dog actor Ruff, I guess to compare to Ruff in the comics. I also like Buck from Married With Children, he's a Briard with cropped ears apparently.

In the second season of Married With Children, Buck becomes more anthropomorphic, he stands up and becomes a talking Dog, to protest being neutered.

Thanks a lot for posting this Homer. Maybe I should remix my video without the commercial music so that it can be syndicated in other places.

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