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Desc:Regrettable NES game
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:NES, zapper, what hell sounds like, gotcha
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Comment count is 19
Jack Dalton
Did it ever surprise you guys how few zapper games existed on the NES-- like Duck Hunt... and... Gotcha.
I really like Gumshoe. It's probably a bad game or whatever but I don't care.

According to Wikipedia, a whopping 18 games could use the zapper.

That's not as pathetic as the "Super Scope" that came out for the SNES which had 12.

Jack Dalton
18 isn't bad actually-- but damn if they aren't obscure. It seems like you could make a game halfway sweet involving a gun.

Barker bill's trick shooting, wild gunman, gumshoe, hogans alley and shooting range are all good zapper games. The Lone Ranger was the only good game i played with occasional zapper parts.

The Zapper still had 17 more than ROB. Which I had.

Oh, and I also had the awful toy that this was based on. I was duped by the commercials. I was a kid, so it's excusable.

Jet Bin Fever
Hogan's Alley ruled.

If you have MAME installed, a good arcade light gun shooter is Night Stocker. It's a hybrid driving game/shooting gallery that is sort of a precursor to Lucky & Wild.

I think I'll just submit a video (if I can find one).

I also had a Gotcha toy. On top of being really difficult to pump, the barrel was kind of curved to the side like a hot dog and the refills were way to expensive.

Please tell me this was inspired by the awful Val Kilmer movie.
It was actually an Anthony Edwards movie, and while I don't think the game shares the "plot" of the film, it bore the license of the toy line that was associated with the film.

Somehow Top Secret was mixed up in my childhood memory there. Yeah, I was too lazy to google.

Jet Bin Fever
I had a set of Gotcha! guns. I still have one somewhere actually, and the mechanism still works if I remember. They were pretty fun, but man did it get messy.
The quality of any NES game is directly proportional to how good the music in the game is. This game is horrible.
Making a paintball videogame is like making a fighting game on LARP combat.
Gotcha isn't that bad a game. The person playing this isn't even playing it properly. You have to move the screen left and right with the D-pad. For a Zapper game, it was alright. Probably one of the few LJN licensed games (Gotcha! was a briefly lived line of splatball guns) that wasn't complete garbage.
It's one of the best Zapper games I've played, which means it's not good but I still played quite a bit of it anyway because I had to do something with that Zapper.

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