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Desc:Bit graphic rogue-like that's more fun than Diablo III.
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:party, Vomit, indie games, roguelike, legend of dungeon
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Comment count is 15
Diablo was supposed to capture the spirit of the rogue-like, it came nowhere near as this. I played Diablo III up until level 24 and soon got bored with how FUCKING STUPID IT IS. I am still playing this game that cost 1/6 as much.

The husband and wife team made it while penniless in a treehouse in Vermont. They deserve all the hugs.
"more fun than Diablo III"

You can also say that about wisdom tooth extraction performed with a chainsaw.

I will check out the legend of dungeon game, though.

I can't make it past level 15.

Looks cheesy and forgettable. I'll give it a shot, so did terraria, now I have entire worlds covered in hallow and corruption, respectively.
It's cheesy and silly but pretty fun in co-op mode.
Their also releasing some much needed updates, like 8 classes and other odds and ends to make it more Nethacky.

This is unrelated-ish, but is anyone here interested in/getting a GameStick? It's kind of a another Ouya microconsole, only it seems to have a somewhat healthier backing scene behind it. (I think this game is going to be one of the launch titles, which is why I'm bringing it up)
Ok, you piece of shit - I bought it. And because I bought it on Steam I also bought Final Fantasy VII for some stupid reason. Fuck you.
Ouch. You'd have to start digging into 90s FMV games before you came up with something worse aging than FFVII.

I'd say it benefits from it's age - if they'd polished up the graphics it would have been as hideously overdesigned as FFVIII/X/etc., and the terrible translation is a mercy - I don't want to know what the mentally deficients who wrote FFX,VIII and XIII have to say about anything.

I cannot claim any responsibility for buying final fantasy. That is crazy talk.

But on the topic of indie retro bit games, I had dozens of fun free hours of play with Marduk III on Kongregate.

Caminante Nocturno
I remember how upset people got with me when I told them the Diablo games were shitty back when I and II came out. Now, everyone's saying it.

This looks interesting, though.
They really are terrible. Ineptly designed shitfests.

I was saying it too. I gave my copy away after playing it for a few days.

Jet Bin Fever
I've had more fun this year playing Indie games than anything big release.
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