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Desc:This is for you, EvilHomer. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/genesis-3d-movie
Category:Religious, Advertisements
Tags:creationism, CGI, ken ham, answers in genesis, indiegogo
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Oh, fucking sweet! Thanks!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Makers of video: CHOKE ON A BAG OF NAZI DICKS!!

Seriously, I mean genuine WW2 era nazis. Go find a nazi war cemetary, dig up their dicks, put them in a bag, and then choke on them!
It sounded very much like he was going to say "Seven hundred" and then decided that the number needed to sound more impressive at the last second. I dunno, but does seeing a movie about a bunch of guys winning football make you think about god?

From my maths the average donation value is 9, which means they have a few major backers and absolutely no public interest. They are running the "take money even if we miss our goal" clause of course, so it will be interesting to see what incredibly rich person is waiting in the wings to finish funding the movie when they inevitably miss their production needs. There are also a large number of people who's donations are "Undisclosed" inducing both the people who donated at the ,000 level.
The God of Biscuits
His church has gotten seven HUNDRED.... THOUSAND.... BILLION witnesses!

And the moment the project hit 0,000 (average price has actually grown to 1 by this point) they announced that a mysterious unnamed "Church" has donated 100K out of nowhere. So their plan was of course to sponge enough money off of large interested parties for as long as possible or until they ran out of time (which case the "Church" would donate on the last day). Since they hit 0K they have decided to instantly spring above their second stretch goal so now all donations are going towards releasing the movie in more theaters.

I don't know much about the business, but doesn't 0,000 seem like a small amount to produce the actual assets of a movie? Mighty number 9 started with 900K as an initial target for minimum funding. I get the feeling that no matter how much money they make, this will end up a pathetically designed billboard for evangelicals.

The God of Biscuits
I always feel like these videos are a window into Bizarro world. Jokes aside, it's quite scary that these lunatics have their own parallel versions of "science" and "history" based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever outside of an old book.
Jet Bin Fever
But real Genesis fans will have to wait another 30 years for the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 3D.
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