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Desc:fuck you. shut up
Category:Educational, Advertisements
Tags:shut up
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Comment count is 12
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
That is not a cartoon you idiot!!!

Also, it is hard to believe someone can be that credulous yet also is making a presentation to people who theoretically may be even *more*gullible than he is! (as they are sitting their listening to him) OMFG!! D:

In a way hes sort of completing wonders showzens whole shtick, which is amazing! :D
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
My spacebar is broken, its totally messing up my mojo!

They believe what they want to believe. That's not gullibility, that's complicity.

A serious video submission? I knew you really loved us, Waugh. You are our friend. Let's hug.
This is a great video. I think Waugh is trying to say something about impotent, misplaced rage.

Waugh has always loved us, he's just a prickly pear :3

i will kill you

Waugh is the real life Jiz!
This video is awesome, by the way.

Why do these people not have senses of humor!
infinite zest
So Jenny.. after church do you want to watch some Wonder Showzen on Youtube over at my house?
Only if they are showing He-Bro!

Jet Bin Fever
"Sodder and Gamotter"
This guy is a Biblical scholar if I've ever heard one! What a great find. I love you Waugh.
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