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Desc:Highly strategic conservative propaganda from Sharron Angle's super-PAC
Category:News & Politics, Advertisements
Tags:screaming, Donkeys, Howard Dean, sharron angle, Super PAC
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Comment count is 5
I was expecting actual Screaming Donkeys, what a misleading title!
From her Super PAC website:
"In 1776 there were a committed few who changed the history of the world. United and consistent in their cause, they pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. By being a per month subscriber to OurVoice PAC you are part of a very confidential, elite, courageous, and dependable group."

We're seeing living history here folks!! Here's where it all turned around! Where a BRAVE FEW stood strong and CHANGED HISTORY.
I do like how a lot of people are noticing that the Boston Tea Party was about tax... like lower taxes on English tea making smuggled tea less valuable.

I like how the comments are full of conservatives stating their embarrassment.

Sexy Duck Cop
It's like the GOP is waking up with a bad hangover wondering what tricorner hat-wearing hambeast it shacked up with last night.

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