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Desc:What a pleasant woman
Category:General Station
Tags:city council
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Comment count is 17
Wow. Just... wow.

Do not engage the crazy.
What a gal!
"I've got a question"

Oscar Wildcat
I must admit, I've made the same correspondence between Dick Cheney and Darth Vader. Rage on, Stone Calf Warrior Woman!
I got a secret joy out of the Democracy Now! plugs.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Did she say shes a vietnam *era* veteran??
Well, that was also the LSD era.

pyslexic dharmacist
That's usually what people say if they were in the military during, but not in, Vietnam per se. Not everyone was shipped overseas, especially women.

I find this unusually disturbing.
This is schizophrenia, kids.
I understand all the words she says, and yet no meaning was conveyed.


"I prophecied on January 13, 1991 that I would become known as the Lawsuit Lady, and here we are."

I, for one, am amazed. She predicted her own behaviour. If that's not a sign of her abilities, I don't know what is.
She made me a believer, I was about to click the back button when she dropped that line, changing my entire video experience.

She's absolutely lucid in her speaking, and she did stop in time.

The council members kind being jerks, egging on someone who obviously has issues, and then making dismissive comments.

Couldn't they have just said something nice?
I still want to know what "Mathematics of the Unknown" she needs in her "Sacred Science Lab" ...
I too want to know more about the Sacred Science Lab. She looks like someone who could run a pretty mean lab.

I know it's tedious to be a well-paid public employee and have to listen to delusional people like it's part of your job or something. Best to let your constituents know that you aren't some kind of hippie weirdo by picking on someone who can't refuse to respond.

Idaho's got the Craters of the Moon, which is a pretty neat place to check out in the greater Yellowstone area. That's the list of neat things I've discovered about Idaho.
pyslexic dharmacist
My boyfriend and I found Coeur D'Alene to be delightful with really nice people.

Then we heard they were only nice because we're white.
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