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Desc:Curious absence of simulated ancient assonauts.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:science, Space, mars, Climate Change, computer simulation
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The Mothership
Boy, looks like I should have gotten my ass to Mars.
I don't know if memedumpster was referring to the gawd-awful movie, "Red Planet," but they reminded me of it, and for that, they are a bad person.
They are only one person.

"They" can be used as a gender-neutral non-specific for singular and plural.

Also, this is the internet. Nobody knows you're a computer shared by five roommates, various visiting friends, and a clever raccoon that likes to get in at night through the kitchen window.

There is no way memedumpster is a *clever* raccoon.

Actually, I wasn't trying to remind anyone of that, and for that I am truly sorry, as you have reminded me of it too now. This makes me even more glad I one starred this submission, it is a trainwreck.

If you don't think I'm a clever raccoon, you should see the raccoons that failed to navigate poe's dupe check.

SteamPoweredKleenex: You're part right, but part wrong. "They" is often used as a gender-neutral pronoun, but I think you'll find that "they" makes sense as a singular only when someone has previously been referred to as a singular, gender-neutral noun, i.e., "Look at the fool over there," "What are they doing?"

When pronouns with explicit singularity are used to reference someone, then the same pronoun or a gendered pronoun used to avoid confusion. This can be confusing: "Sally loves to eat cake," "How much cake do they eat, what do they love?"

Also, without prior reference, using "they" as the subject of the verb can be misleading: "They already ate dinner by the time I got home." Here "they" clearly suggests more than one would not be clear if I were referring to my wife. In such a case, a singular, gendered pronoun or a proper name is better used.


For all that grammar talk, I sure fucked up my grammar a lot in that last post!

Summary: "He or she" is too many syllables. "They" works just fine.

I like 'seahorse'. It sort of looks like an anagram of 'she or he' and seahorses are cool.

Spastic Avenger
One day I will be a Jeddak.
No you won't.

But they said the real estate market would always go up!

Hey NASA, probably would have been more effective if you kept the camera still on one spot :(
Rodents of Unusual Size
Mars once had some prime fishin' holes.
In glorious 240p.
Holy shit, I'm spoiled.

I fucking agree.
It was either this or :

The HD version that ran at two frames per second on the space website that barely works.
The HD version with the most annoying jackass narrator possible.
The LQ version still better than this with the second most annoying jackass possible.

Considering this whole simulation is grant wank guesswork, and it was such a bitch even finding a low quality simulation of it that was watchable, I kind of regretted submitting this. It's not a good video, good science, or a good time.

It's beneath my own science video standards.

I agree this video sucks, by the way, not that you're spoiled.

il fiore bel
What?!?! Where's the story?!

Someone call Mr. Aronofsky!
Architeuthis Tux
Might I gently suggest this version instead?
I removed the "s" after "http" and reloaded the video, and resubbed that URL (the https breaks poeTV, she is a fragile, yet classy, lady). Thank you for finding that!

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