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The Mothership - 2013-12-07

well at least it's not a crunchabunga.

gravelstudios - 2013-12-07

I remember that there was this bright green yogurt years ago. Was that a TMNT tie-in product, or something else? Does anybody else remember that?

Baron_Von_Bad_Beaver - 2013-12-07

It's called 'Lime'.

infinite zest - 2013-12-07

This was just penance for the "green" flavored Hostess cream pies they were shilling. Remember kids: next time you're at your grandma's house, take a couple of Light & Lively Yogurt packs with you. She doesn't even remember that she bought them!

gravelstudios - 2013-12-07

Thanks infinite zest! THAT'S what I was remembering!

RedRust - 2013-12-07

Just bought my little one a 4 pack of hedstrom balls in the shape of Ninja Turtle heads.

Xenocide - 2013-12-07

The turtles discover yogurt, yet never question why Leonardo is shilling the stuff on a billboard directly behind them. Perhaps they're distracted by the fact that they all have the same voice.

Mother Lumper - 2013-12-07

Love the little cringe that Master Splinter makes as Leonardo swings his sword around to spread the wealth.

infinite zest - 2013-12-07

The six-pack falls apart with one swing. That's just bad packaging.

infinite zest - 2013-12-07

Also they just left Splinter on the roof. My guess is they're going to Pizza Hut.

cognitivedissonance - 2013-12-07

There was once a time when it was possible to go a full day, from waking up, to going to school, to coming home, to going to bed again, without touching something with a TMNT logo on it. I am living proof.

Mother Lumper - 2013-12-07

Maybe you didn't actually touch or see something with a TMNT logo, but you were /thinking/ about it.

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-12-07

That yogurt has been sitting inside Splinter's sleeve for hours.

BHWW - 2013-12-07

Nothing makes someone want yogurt more than seeing yogurt being handled by a man-sized rodent.

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