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Desc:I think I might have been doing it wrong.
Category:Stunts, Sports
Tags:Skateboarding, Gou Miyagi, unholy bullshit
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The Mothership
Yea, ok, that's pretty impressive.
My top skateboarding achievement: I pulled off a manual for 5 feet on carpet.

Runner-up achievement: a board flew out from under me while motionless. 3 stitches.

These guys are good but they've got a little catching up to do.
This guy. The most interesting thing to happen to skateboarding since Rodney Mullen.
This is the wacky asian rodney mullen. I'm digging it. He looks like he's having so much fun.

I was trying to remember Mullen's name. I've tried the pogo too, but man does it hurt the knees.

But half the time he's not even using his skateboard! He just drops it and starts prancing around like a ninny!

Kids today.
It's like in a kung fu movie where everything is going okay, but suddenly the capoeira guy shows up and throws everyone for a loop.
i have always been a sucker for good and fun flatland tricks, fuck your vert
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