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Desc:Eats some food, watches most of the city decay.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:detroit, Anthony Bourdain, abandoned, ruins, ruin porn
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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infinite zest
The audio cuts off about a minute before the end so I couldn't get the final thought, but I think Bourdain's cynicism is bullshit. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and believe it or not, the city wasn't doing so hot in the mid-to-late 90s. The area where they filmed "The Real World" was once a slum, and most of my neighborhood (ironically, the Brooklyn neighborhood) was not a place you wanted to walk around alone in, day or night. There were much more dangerous areas in the town.

People were moving away, not moving in, mostly flocking to Seattle or San Francisco. When I moved to Wisconsin for college, I saw steady growth in Portland every time I came back, not necessarily because of Intel or Xerox, but because of the DIY community spirit that exists in artists, culinary folks, musicians, writers, etc. I'm not comparing the two with regards to the gravity of the current situation, but a city can rebuild itself.
Like how Pompeii bounced back after embracing tourism?

Sure, but like he said when the other guy kept telling him "it'll be fine!", you don't get that kind of a transformation without strong political leadership.

I like how it was mostly black people until he got to the hipsters and the posh pop-up gourmet restaurant.

It's good to know that even in Detroit rich white people have a place to be themselves and not be around poor minorities.
infinite zest
I was living in Milwaukee, WI for a bit in a "hipster" neighborhood that bordered ghettos on both sides, and was basically a ghetto of its own, just for poor white hipsters. For a little while, we were considered the "New Detroit," but yeah it always pissed me off when Lake Drive and Suburb kids would come in to get some kind of "experience." Fuck those guys and let me eat my 2 dollar Bahn Mi sandwich and drink my 75 cent Pabst Blue Ribbon in peace.

Williamsburg is 100% gentrified now where the only people who can afford to live there are trust fund art school hipsters and the hasidic jewish community who own the properties.

It dives off SHARPLY into a ghetto if you head east to the next neighborhood, Bushwick, and beyond. You'll find occasional upscale-ish tenant buildings for clumps of hipsters trying to branch out east.

The native locals refer to those buildings as "the ATM".

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