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Category:Advertisements, Video Games
Tags:Sega, why, COMEDY!, vidya games, Fania All Stars
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Comment count is 13
This game was hard to pirate on the Apple, as I recall. That was frustrating as hell, because it's obviously such a wonderful game.
I can't believe this game could be as fun as it looks
The arcade version was pretty cool and had one of the earlier cartoony art styles that really worked.

The home versions? Ehhhhhhh... no.

what SPK (klinik?) said

I wasted so much of my life on this shitty game.
The original.

My experience of this game was on a C64 cart! Same levels & layout, but the graphics were nowhere near this commercial's.

I had it on Coleco. I remember it having better graphics than a lot of the other blocky shit I spent day after day suffering through.

Mother Lumper
Video games today are still promoted with doctored/fake footage, at least back then there were legitimate reasons for doing it, low res graphics looking terrible over broadcast television, artistically rendered screen shots for comic book ads, etc.
I miss the amazing Atari cartridge box art. Someone needs to make the games that actually match some of those paintings.

Modern games have become those posters and they are all incredibly fucking boring.

Not so! They look for photorealism, 'tis true, but where are the astronauts playing 3D Tic-Tac-Toe or Super Breakout? The Victorian drivers seen on the covers of Dodge 'Em? Or even the mustachio'd daredevil from Human Cannonball?

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