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Desc:Mmm, sandy biscuits
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:cannibals, Crabs, coconut crab, Big meaty claws, garbage disposal of the elder gods
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Comment count is 11
Are they a protected/restricted species? Because I just see uncooked dinner walking around.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Yeah, one cause is human predation.
Also they are the biggest land-arthropod. Also they cant swim and will drown underwater.

also they have a pouch that stores delicious coconut fat/oil.

I don't get the cannibalism tag. Are coconut crabs cannibals? Do they eat each other or are the biscuits are made of crab?
After some digging (har-har), I see where some people call them "cannibals" because they'll eat dead crab carcasses, some from their own species. That's being a scavenger. A cannibal, I would think, actively seeks out the flesh of his kin, often killing them to get it.

Robber crabs emit a terrible white noise.
Test footage for a live-action adaption of one of Guy N. Smith's giant killer crab novels, i.e. Night of the Crabs, Crabs on the Rampage, Crabs: Human Sacrifice, etc.
Sometimes, when I'm sad, I watch industrial food preparation and arthropod/crustacean videos. I seem to think crabs are the most orderly of creatures. I crave efficiency and control. Crabs and "How's It Made?: HAGGIS" seem to solve these deficiencies.
I'd imagine there's only just so much room in a crab's brain, so the number of 'IF/THEN' operations is pretty low.

You're aware that there factories with jobs where you can stare at machines all day long, right? They'll even pay you for that shit.

It's interesting that you're so aware of that.

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