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Desc:The whole series in one video
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:toys, 80s, Horrible cartoon infinity, robotix
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Comment count is 9
That theme song wants to be Ghostbusters so bad.
The whole consciousness-transfer thing was kind of heavy back in the day. It and ROM: Spaceknight had similar ideas about your mind being in a robot while your body could be killed.
I never knew about the show as a kid but the toys were awesome.
The show I could never remember the name to.
Mother Lumper
I have yet to see a Sunbow production from the 80s that wasn't entertaining in some way.
Kid Fenris
This is one of those '80s cartoons that had to come up with human characters to go along with the cool non-human toy centerpieces, but the humans couldn't overshadow the toys. So they went with the most generic sci-fi stereotyped humans imaginable.
Today's Episode: How to Get Your Parents to Buy Robotix
Meatsack Jones
I had two of the big sets of these things. I played with them to the point the arms cracked and the connectors split. That took about 3-4 years. I really missed them, especially using the switchboard with the motors, claw, and the walker chassis that you could use to pull your battle wagon of death.

Bonus points for putting a motorized giant fucking metal T-Rex head in with each set.
I think the head from one of them was still in my parents' basement as recently as a year ago.

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