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Desc:The future of architecture, yesterday
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:DIY, architecture, geodesic, dome
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Comment count is 17
Every time I see one of these, 2/3 of the time it's dilapidated and falling down, or it's in halfway-decent shape but off by itself somewhere as if other houses are ashamed to be near it.
Oscar Wildcat
All those weird joints on the roof will separate and leak over time. Also, very hard to heat, with all that open space above the rooms. An old college friend of mine bought one, but her parents were rich so she could afford to throw money at such things. What jazzed you about this, Pastor?
Yeah, these things have a cool mid-century futurist look, but if you want an impractically shaped house an A frame is a lot easier to build and maintain.

Oscar Wildcat
Hey, have you seen the new dymaxion car? Neither have I.

My roommate's been on a dome kick. We watched this video... but by 0:10, at the piano riff I knew it was no ordinary video.

oops didn't mean to star it

Oscar Wildcat
Does he also ride a recumbent bicycle?

this is a pretty interesting read

mountain man / free software hacker, spends 2 years renovating one of these so he can live off the grid

You should get your roommate into yurts.

Oscar Wildcat
If it were possible to instantiate Linux as a house, that would be it, Pastor. It's got some nice electrical toys to play with, but those floors are an abomination.

I do admire his courage; that's a big job for a first time renovator. I've done smaller stuff here and it's time consuming and a lot of physical work.

I can't figure out if something happened to the kid's mom or she left him because he wouldn't stop spelling it "Windoze"

The fools, everyone who really knows knows that the future is in yurts.
Oscar Wildcat
quonset hut or GTFO!

Oh fuck, you're already on about yurts!

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
A sphere is just about the most unsubdividable regular 3d shape I can think of. The reason so many human artefacts and buildings are cuboid is that its the only shape you can nest and subdivide in a quite arbitrary way.
Monolithic domes are way better, if you can get anyone to give you loan for one or have straight cash. Basically no heat loss and are almost indestructible.
Jet Bin Fever
I love the shit out of promo videos like this. That theme is especially perfect.
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