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Desc:I took the test myself. Viewers will be shocked.
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:snow, chemtrails, self submission, i look very fat in this
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Comment count is 25
Adham Nu'man
Oscar Wildcat
You're not supposed to smoke the stuff, chairs.
I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED I tell you!

Aside: should we have a POETV UNMASKED week? I'm curious what everyone is like, but I worry it would kill the magic of this site.
Adham Nu'man
I'm the cave hippie breatharian.

Oscar Wildcat
I'm Kanye West.

I am Sparticus?

infinite zest
I'm just a bill

I'm a normal looking guy; I fear that would be too much for you.

I'm Ben Schumin's hair.

Sometimes I curl my moustache like Snidely Whiplash.

I'm the chick from the skeletons having sex on a tin roof video and I really don't appreciate your use of the C-word.

That guy
lemme lose 350 pounds first, shave beard, dental work, see dermatologist then IT'S ON HATERS

infinite zest
Mr. Hypersloth's idea is a good one though. We should all get one video to recreate or parody and vote on which one's the best.
Adham Nu'man
I'll burn down my house Chris Chan style.

infinite zest
too soon

Tomgirl video or GTFO.

infinite zest
hmm let me search for "tomgirl" here really quick here.. ok I think it's pl holy fuck there is no god.
Adham Nu'man
This just happened to me too. The worst thing is that I HAD SEEN IT BEFORE, which means I've been suffering from PTSD all along.

Adham Nu'man
Either that or I have a brain tumor.

The Tomgirl video actually causes brain cancer in 10/5 rats tested.

Don't limit yourself. You could have PTSD as well as a brain tumor! Reach for the stars!

Jet Bin Fever
Chris is so sexy in that video guys. He twerks it and shows off his cutiemark!

You even trolled someone (assuming it's not one of us) into thinking you were serious in your YT comments. Well done!
That guy
vaguely reminiscent of this:
and for that I salute you
Jet Bin Fever
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