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Desc:With great topical jokes like this, how could it have done so poorly?
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Advertisements
Tags:squirrels, psy, beating a dead horse, The Nut Job
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Comment count is 11
Do you think they told Psy ANY context for what he's responding to in the trailer? Or just "Hey, say 'I'm a nut!'"
I think it might have tied in with his pistachio ad campaign a while back.

Also, money is nice.

I bet he just agreed to any paying appearance/job when he hit it big internationaly and this is just getting through the backlog.

He started a formula 1 race last year, which makes no sense, but it happened.

Eh, THE NUT JOB's already broken even worldwide over just three weeks of release and they've already announced a sequel, so it didn't do too badly.

It's a medium-budget animated film released in January, they didn't have high expectations.
I think the dead horse has been beaten into dust at this point.
I know. That's like the best thing out of this.

I think Psy knows his time is limited, and if he has any sense, he's saving most of the money he makes from this kind of thing.

"I like the...cute one"
5 for reminding me exactly of when tim and eric promoted shrek 3 for no reason
I love Psy. Oppa Gangnam style! haha
Switching gears, we all agree that Katherine Heigl is the worst leading actress of all time, right?
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